Gov. Greitens Celebrates Waters of the US Repeal with Missouri Farmers

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June 27, 2017

Today, Governor Greitens released a video celebrating the new leadership of the EPA’s decision to repeal the Obama-era Waters of the United States rule that gave bureaucrats in Washington D.C. authority to regulate “streams and other small bodies of water across the country.” Governor Greitens also signed a proclamation encouraging farmers to give input to Missouri’s Department of Natural Resources and Department of Agriculture to ensure that government gets out of the way.

In the video, Governor Greitens said, “When we took office, we asked our farmers and ranchers what we could do to fight for them. One of the things we heard is that they needed our help to push back against Obama’s Waters of the US regulations. Well, we took that message to Washington D.C. and the good news is they’ve heard us. They’ve heard that Obama’s Waters of the US regulations are hurting family farmers.”

Watch the video here: