Gov. Nixon's statement on the Missouri House's refusal to expand health care to 35,000 at no cost to taxpayers

May 6, 2009
Jefferson City, MO

Gov. Jay Nixon today released the following statement on the Missouri House's failure to adopt the conference committee report for House Bill 11:

"Missouri has a 25-year high in unemployment and a little more than one week remaining in the legislative session, yet the Republican-led legislature has done virtually nothing to improve our state's economy. By voting today against providing health care to 35,000 Missourians at no extra cost to the state, House Republicans rejected a plan that would have pumped $145 million in new money into our economy at no cost to taxpayers. While this proposal to spur economic growth through health care expansion enjoyed broad bipartisan support in the Missouri Senate, the Missouri House let flawed ideology stand in the way of progress. House Republicans should explain to Missourians immediately why they allowed politics to interfere with our state's opportunity to make health care more affordable and accessible. Turning down health care is not the way to turn around Missouri's economy."