Governor Greitens’ Statement on Changes in Missouri’s Department of Corrections

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March 17, 2017
Jefferson City

Today, Anne Precythe, the Director of the Department of Corrections, released a letter explaining the issues that the Department is facing and the solutions that they are pursuing. Governor Eric Greitens released the following statement:

“Too many families in Missouri have felt the effects of violent crime. People deserve to be protected from violent criminals, and we must not—and I will not—accept excuses or tolerate failed leadership.

The Department of Corrections is a vital, but often overlooked, part of our mission for safer streets. The men and women who work in our prisons and in probation and parole perform important public service that keeps us all safe. Violent crime is often committed by repeat offenders. We must build a Corrections system in Missouri that actually corrects problems and helps people leaving prison to go to work, pay taxes, serve as good role models for their children, and become productive members of the community. If we can do that, then we will be able to protect more families across our state.

Politicians too often sweep problems under the rug. You elected me to fight for you, and you deserve to know the truth: Missouri’s Department of Corrections has lacked strong leadership for far too long. We’ve heard the stories from the officers and employees on the front lines. They have made it clear that morale is low and real change is needed. With my full support, the new Director of the Department, Anne Precythe, is taking aggressive action to bring leadership and integrity back to Missouri’s Department of Corrections.

Director Precythe has written a note that explains what's happening in Corrections, how serious the issues are, and what she plans to do to protect the people of Missouri. She's a tough, tested leader, and I know that with her at the helm, and with your prayers and support, we can make a difference in this Department that promotes the safety of all Missourians.

This is your government, your Department of Corrections. They exist to keep you safe, and you deserve to know what’s going on. Anne’s letter is linked below.”

Read Director Anne Precythe’s letter here