Governor Greitens Announces Improvements in Tax Call Center Response Rates

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April 17, 2018

Today, Governor Eric Greitens visited with employees in the Department of Revenue (DOR) to thank them for their work in improving the call center. In March of 2017, Missouri’s tax call centers only answered 35% of incoming calls. Governor Greitens challenged the Department of Revenue to improve, and to better serve Missouri taxpayers. Today, DOR tax call centers have a response rate of more than 90%.

Statement from Governor Eric Greitens:

“Today is Tax Day—which, unfortunately, for a lot of Missourians means confusion and stress. Fortunately, thanks to tax reform, this year your tax bill should be smaller. We’re working to make it even smaller next year in Missouri. Missouri is also getting its act together on the basic things, and it’s making a difference. Last year in March, right before people had to file their taxes, Missouri’s tax call centers only answered 35% of the calls that came in. That’s right. If you needed help with your Missouri taxes, chances are you couldn’t get it from the state. You probably couldn’t even get someone to pick up the phone when you called.

When we heard about that, we were shocked. We were told that it was the best we could do given the resources we had—only more money would fix the problem. We told them we needed to do better with what we have. This year, response rates are up from 35% to more than 90%. We’re working to get it up to 100%!

Today, I stopped by the call centers to thank the people working the phones for buckling down and working hard for Missourians. They were happy to do it, and working hard. Until now, they hadn’t been challenged to get it done. We’re fixing that. Paying your taxes is stressful enough, the least we can do is do our jobs well.”