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07/17/2017 Governor Eric Greitens Announces Statewide Prescription Drug Monitoring Program
07/14/2017 Governor Greitens Takes Action on Remaining Legislation
07/14/2017 Governor Greitens Takes Action to Address Opioid Epidemic
07/12/2017 Governor Greitens announces new website to help Missouri citizens cut government red tape
07/11/2017 Governor Greitens Takes Action on Pending Legislation
07/10/2017 Governor Eric Greitens Rolls Out Plan to Address Violence in St. Louis
07/07/2017 Governor Greitens Signs Three Bills Into Law
07/06/2017 Governor Greitens Appoints Scott Millikan as Associate Circuit Court Judge for St. Louis City
06/30/2017 Governor Greitens Takes Action on Budget Bills, Tort Reform, and Announces Plan for Minimum Wage Bill
06/30/2017 Governor Greitens Signs Executive Order to Form Justice Reinvestment Task Force
06/29/2017 Governor Greitens Signs Four Bills into Law
06/29/2017 Governor Greitens Appoints Dean Waldemer as Circuit Judge for St. Louis County
06/28/2017 Governor Greitens Issues His First Veto
06/27/2017 Gov. Greitens Celebrates Waters of the US Repeal with Missouri Farmers
06/26/2017 Gov. Greitens Praises Supreme Court Decision in the Trinity Lutheran Case
06/23/2017 Gov. Greitens orders flags to half-staff in Lafayette County on Monday to honor firefighter who died in line of duty
06/22/2017 Governor Greitens Signs Foster Care Bill of Rights
06/20/2017 Governor Greitens Signs Four Bills Into Law
06/19/2017 Governor Greitens Announces New Innovation Task Force
06/15/2017 Governor Greitens Signs Steel Mill Bill—Visits White House to Talk Jobs