Executive Order 10-22

WHEREAS, I have been advised by the State Emergency Management Agency that on-going and forecast severe storm systems have caused, or have the potential to cause, damages associated with on-going and forecast flooding, flash flooding, high winds, hail, and tornadoes impacting communities throughout the state of Missouri; and

WHEREAS, the severe weather that began on June 12, 2010, has created a condition of distress and hazard to the safety, welfare, and property of the citizens of the state of Missouri beyond the capabilities of some local jurisdictions, and other established agencies; and

WHEREAS, I issued Executive Order 10-21 on June 15, 2010, activating the State Emergency Management Operations Center; and

WHEREAS, the State Emergency Management Agency has been responding to requests from affected communities for sandbags and pumps; and

WHEREAS, the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Missouri State Water Patrol, Department of Natural Resources, and Department of Corrections have been assisting local officials with life-safety actions; and

WHEREAS, the state will continue to be proactive where the health and safety of the citizens of Missouri are concerned; and

WHEREAS, interruptions of critical public services are occurring, or anticipated to occur, as a result of the on-going and forecast flooding; and

WHEREAS, the resources of the state of Missouri have been needed to assist affected jurisdictions and to help relieve the condition of distress and hazard to the safety and welfare of our fellow Missourians; and

WHEREAS, an invocation of the provisions of Sections 44.100 and 44.110, RSMo, will be required to ensure the protection of the safety and welfare of the citizens of Missouri.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JEREMIAH W. (JAY) NIXON, Governor of the State of Missouri, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and Laws of the state of Missouri, including Sections 44.100 and 44.110, RSMo, do hereby declare that a State of Emergency exists in the state of Missouri. I do hereby direct that the Missouri State Emergency Operations Plan be activated.

I further authorize the use of state agencies to provide assistance, as needed.

This order shall terminate on July 20, 2010, unless extended in whole or in part.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the State of Missouri, in the City of Jefferson, on this 21st day of June, 2010.

Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon


Robin Carnahan
Secretary of State