Governor Parson Announces $10.1 Million in Additional A+ Scholarship Funding

 — Today, Governor Mike Parson announced an additional $10.1 million for the A+ scholarship program, including $4.9 million in CARES Act funding and $5.2 million in supplemental funding to be proposed in the Governor's recommended budget. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused more students to utilize the A+ program than originally anticipated in the state’s budget. As a result, community colleges are facing a shortfall of funding for the program. 

“COVID-19 has had far reaching impacts on our state, including higher education,” Governor Parson said. “Many students across Missouri rely on the A+ program, so we are excited to be able to announce this funding and help community colleges continue providing the full A+ scholarship for all students.” 

The A+ scholarship program provides scholarship funds to eligible graduates of A+ designated high schools who attend a participating public community college or vocational or technical school as well as certain private two-year vocational or technical schools. 

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