Governor Parson Signed First Bills as Missouri’s Governor

 — Today, Governor Parson signed his first bills as the Governor of Missouri. He signed into law HB 1831, HB 2101, SB 593, SB 594, and SB 782.

“Our top objective is to move Missouri forward. Today, by signing these bills into law, we are headed the right direction. The legislature should be proud of the work that was done this year. Many significant bills were passed during this very productive session,” said Governor Parson.

The following bills were signed today:

HB 1831 – Changes the laws regarding the sales tax holiday that occurs in early August by adding an exemption for disposable diapers

HB 2101 – Specifies that guardian ad litem fees shall not be automatically waived in certain civil actions

SB 593 – Enacts provisions relating to financial solvency of insurance companies

SB 594 – Exempts certain types of commercial insurance lines from filing requirements with respect to rates, rate plans, modifications, and manuals

SB 782 – Modifies provisions relating to the Department of Natural Resources