State of Missouri Celebrates One Year of The Missouri Way Advanced Management Training with August Session

 — With the completion of The Missouri Way’s first year, this month marks another major milestone for the state’s advanced management training program.  

Governor Mike Parson launched The Missouri Way in August 2018 as an essential part of the state’s plan to improve its performance and work environment. The Missouri Way is an intensive three-day program designed to introduce senior leaders, managers, supervisors, and other emerging leaders in all 16 executive departments to the tools and approaches to lead change and improve their team’s performance.

“One year ago, we committed to making lasting change in Missouri state government,” Governor Mike Parson said. “The Missouri Way has given over 1,000 supervisors, managers, and leaders in state government the tools to better lead and serve their teams and the citizens of Missouri. The one-year anniversary of the program is a great accomplishment for our state.”

The state has completed eight sessions of The Missouri Way since the program’s launch, training nearly 1,300 senior leaders, managers, supervisors, and emerging leaders. The ninth session kicked off today in Jefferson City and will continue through Thursday, August 15. During this month’s session, the state will train approximately 180 individuals.

Governor Parson has supported The Missouri Way since its inception. He has spoken to participants at every session about the importance of public service and the need for leaders to continue helping their teams improve. With Governor Parson’s support, The Missouri Way has been established as a regular part of leadership development across state government.

“In just a year, the state’s 16 executive departments have come together at The Missouri Way and committed to a back-to-basics management agenda to improve how we work for our fellow citizens,” State of Missouri Chief Operating Officer Drew Erdmann said. “Only by investing in our people can we make change stick. The first year of The Missouri Way is helping us build a strong network of leaders who have the tools to drive change and improve performance.”

The celebration of the first year of The Missouri Way comes after another major milestone for the program. At the beginning of The Missouri Way last year, the state’s goal was to train 1,000 managers by the end of 2019. That goal was surpassed in June months ahead of the original plan.

The Missouri Way management program incorporates approaches proven successful in other high-performing organizations in both the public and private sectors, but it is unique and tailored to the state’s management challenges. Participants complete the program with greater knowledge and skills in leadership styles, project management, communication, creating change at an organizational scale, and more.

“With The Missouri Way, we’ve made significant strides in improving management practices across state government,” Sarah Steelman, Office of Administration Commissioner said. “The one-year anniversary of The Missouri Way not only marks another success for the program, but also the commitment of supervisors, managers, and leaders in state government to making themselves and their teams stronger.”

“Reflecting upon the transformation the Missouri Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline Unit has had over the past year, I attribute several of the strides we have made in serving citizens of Missouri to leadership lessons from The Missouri Way,” said Sara Smith, Unit Manager in the Department of Social Services’ Children’s Division. “I am confident that the state’s investment in professional development, at all levels, through The Missouri Way and other programs like the Leadership Academy and ENGAGE are having a positive impact on children and families that we serve. The investment in our teams has also created cross-department collaboration and conversations that streamline processes and increase team member satisfaction and productivity. I’m looking forward to where the State will be as we continue to develop more leaders.”

“The Missouri Way was a great opportunity to learn that other state agencies face similar challenges and that by working together, knowledge can be shared and finding a solution can be easier and cost effective. It also provided a forum to share best practices,” said Roxy Antonio, Director of Human Resources and Total Rewards for the Department of Revenue. “It made me realize that I am part of a big organization but that I have a voice, and I can be responsible for the change I want to see around me.”

Two more The Missouri Way sessions are currently planned for October and November. For more information on The Missouri Way, visit