Governor’s Staff

Aaron Willard, Chief of Staff
Aaron Willard
Chief of Staff
Andrew Bailey, General Counsel
Andrew Bailey
General Counsel
Evan Rodriguez, Deputy General Counsel
Evan Rodriguez
Deputy General Counsel
Clifton Davis, Deputy General Counsel
Clifton Davis
Deputy General Counsel
Kayla Hahn, Policy Director
Dr. Kayla Hahn
Policy Director
Jamie Birch, Senior Policy Advisor
Jamie Birch
Deputy Policy Director
Alex Tuttle, Legislative Budget Director
Alex Tuttle
Legislative Budget Director
Kelli Jones, Communications Director/ Press Secretary
Kelli Jones
Communications Director / Press Secretary
Stephanie Whitaker
Stephanie Whitaker
Deputy Communications Director
Jared Hankinson, Communications and Operations Specialist
Jared Hankinson
Communications and Operations Specialist
Kyle Aubuchon, Boards and Commissions Director
Kyle Aubuchon
Boards and Commissions Director
Tammy Allee, Executive Assistant to the Governor
Tammy Allee
Executive Assistant to the Governor
Shari Childs, Mansion Director
Shari Childs
Mansion Director