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Governor Mike Parson announced today that the Missouri General Assembly will be called back in for a Special Session concurrent with Veto Session.  The Special Session will take place the week of September 10-14 and will focus on the passage of computer science course access and awareness of career opportunities through STEM education as well as expanding treatment courts in the State of Missouri.

Merit reform legislation passed by the State of Missouri General Assembly during the 2018 legislative session takes effect today, giving the state greater flexibility in how it manages its workforce. The State of Missouri now has the ability to identify and implement new ways to attract the best-qualified job candidates and recognize employees’ superior performance. Ultimately, merit reform will allow the state to strengthen its teams within all 16 executive departments to better serve the citizens of Missouri.

Today, Governor Parson signed the FY2019 budget bills passed by the General Assembly and highlighted priorities of improving infrastructure, increasing workforce development, curbing opioid abuse, fully funding K-12, and stabilizing higher education budgets.

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This morning Governor Mike Parson signed Executive Order 18-07 for the creation of a Bicentennial Commission.

Today, Governor Parson appointed Don Phillips to the Board of Probation and Parole. Prior to his appointment, Phillips was a member of the Missouri House of Representatives, serving as a State Representative for Stone County and parts of Christian and Taney Counties (District 138).

Missouri Communities Receiving Upwards of 700K for Improvements

On Wednesday, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that Dr. George Smith of the University of Missouri was one of three researchers to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

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