Executive Orders

 – Executive Order 7 — Extension of Storms and Flooding
 – Executive Order 6 — EO 24-06 Storms and Flooding
 – Executive Order 5 — Extension of Drought Alert in Missouri
 – Executive Order 4 — Governor's Staff's Supervisory Authority
 – Executive Order 3 — Governor Parson Deploys National Guard and Highway Patrol to Texas Southern Border
 – Executive Order 2 — Preparation For Forecasted Severe Winter Weather

Legislative Actions

 — HB 2015 — Signed by Governor
 — HB 1803 — Signed by Governor
Increases aggregate investment amount that the state treasurer may invest in linked deposits and changes disbursement criteria for eligible parties.
 — HB 2634 — Signed by Governor
Modifies provisions relating to public funding of abortion facilities and affiliates and provisions relating to MO HealthNet providers
 — HB 2016 — Signed by Governor
To appropriate money for supplemental purposes for the expenses, grants, refunds, and distributions of the several departments and offices of state government and the several divisions and programs thereof, and to transfer money among certain funds, to be expended only as provided in Article IV, Section 28 of the Constitution of Missouri for the fiscal period ending June 30, 2024.
 — HB 2287 — Signed by Governor
Modifies provisions related to the virtual school program
 — SB 727 — Signed by Governor
Creates and modifies provisions relating to elementary and secondary education