Request a Proclamation by Governor Michael L. Parson


  • Under Missouri law, the Governor has the authority to issue proclamations for special occasions and events
  • Proclamations honor organizations, highlight issues and causes, or celebrate historic milestones
  • Proclamations may recognize a day, week, or month
  • Proclamations are issued at the discretion of the Governor and must be approved by the Governor's Office
  • The Governor's Office may grant or decline any proclamation request without comment at any time
  • Proclamations do NOT carry the force of law
  • Proclamations are NOT automatically renewed and a request must be submitted for each event
  • Organizations are limited to two proclamations per calendar year (please prioritize requests)
  • Please do not make announcements or plans for the proclamation until you have received confirmation of its approval from the Governor's staff


  • All proclamations must be submitted using this form
  • All proclamations must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the date requested
  • Proclamation requests must come from a Missouri resident
  • Proclamations must have statewide significance
  • Requestor must propose language to be used (4-6 WHEREAS clauses)
    * The Governor's office reserves the right to modify any proposed language
  • Proclamations should reflect inclusiveness, not exclusiveness


  • In honor of living individuals
  • Individual achievements
  • Anniversaries of individuals or businesses
  • To honor private businesses, conferences, grand openings, or fundraisers
  • As a letter of support or endorsement of individuals, businesses, products, or service
* Alternatively, you may request a letter or Certificate of Recognition using the Contact Us form on the Governor's website
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Sample Text for Proclamation

* The Governor's office reserves the right to modify any proposed language.