Governor Parson Signs Executive Order 20-15 Creating Interagency Task Force on Worker Classification

SEPTEMBER 11, 2020

 — Today, Governor Mike Parson signed Executive Order 20-15 creating the Interagency Task Force on Worker Classification between the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, Department of Revenue, Department of Commerce and Insurance, and the Attorney General to promote the proper classification of Missouri workers and create a more prosperous economy.

In coordination with other Missouri state agencies, the task force will work collaboratively with business, labor, and community groups to assess the effectiveness of existing investigative and enforcement mechanisms for identifying and preventing worker misclassification. The task force will also engage in community outreach campaigns designed to inform and educate stakeholders on the legal difference between independent contractors and employees and the harms caused by worker misclassification.  

“Misclassifying workers creates an unnecessary cost to Missouri taxpayers and puts Missouri businesses at an unfair disadvantage,” said Governor Parson. “The Interagency Task Force on Worker Classification will work jointly with state agencies and private stakeholders to identify these misclassifications and propose solutions to ensure Missouri workers and businesses receive fair treatment.”

The task force will report its findings and recommendations to the Governor on an annual basis. A final report will be issued by December 31, 2024, at which point the Task Force will be dissolved. 

To view Executive Order 20-15, please click here.