Governor Parson's Top Priorities

"We are working to move Missouri forward, and by focusing on
workforce development and infrastructure - we can reach this goal."

—Governor Mike Parson

Workforce & Education are some of the Governor's priorities

Workforce & Education

Governor Parson understands the importance of education and workforce development initiatives working hand in hand to meet the demands of the future. Missouri has made major progress on these areas in recent years, and we must continue to take action to provide the people of Missouri the opportunity to succeed. From generational investments in early childhood, K-12 education, and higher education to targeted investments in youth apprenticeships and Jobs for America's Graduates, Governor Parson’s budget aims to give more Missourians the education and training necessary to fulfill their American Dream.



Since the very beginning, maintaining our state’s roads, bridges, and waterways has been a priority for Governor Parson. Infrastructure is critical to ensuring Missouri has the framework for success in the future, and while outstanding progress has been made in recent years, there is still more work to be done. Governor Parson’s budget reflects his continued commitment to revitalizing our state's infrastructure, calling for key investments in our roads, rails, ports, airports, and in broadband. These investments will help strengthen Missouri's infrastructure system, which serves as a lifeline for transportation across the nation.

Stronger Communities are one of the Governor's Priorities

Stronger Communities

Having been in law enforcement for more than 20 years, Governor Parson understands the importance of successful partnerships to build stronger communities across Missouri. Whether it is partnering with local officials to invest in law enforcement training, recruitment, or retention or teaming up with local leaders to fight the opioid epidemic, Governor Parson has never wavered in his commitment to putting the people of Missouri first. This year's budget continues upon that progress and works towards even stronger communities across Missouri. 

Health Care

Health Care

Governor Parson is committed to ensuring all Missourians have access to mental health and health care services. Governor Parson's continued investments in health care are designed to provide additional access points for health care and mental health, additional services for those seeking mental health support, and support for health care providers. Governor Parson has done this by partnering with community-based organizations, and health care providers and professionals to ensure quality services are afforded to Missouri's most vulnerable citizens.

Government Reform is one of the Governor's Priorities

Government Reform

Governor Parson and his Cabinet remain committed to making state government more efficient and accountable by investing in our workforce, incentivizing better performance, and regularly reassessing how we work to better serve Missourians. As public servants, it is our responsibility to provide reliable and responsive service to the people of Missouri. Governor Parson's budget reflects his continued support for state team members and the need to invest in state government to meet the demands of the future.