Governor Parson's Top Priorities

"We are working to move Missouri forward, and by focusing on
workforce development and infrastructure - we can reach this goal."

—Governor Parson

Stronger Communities are one of the Governor's Priorities

Stronger Communities

Missouri’s success starts and ends with the people and communities we serve. To make real change, we must continue to invest in issues that provide individuals with more opportunities, strengthen public safety, and improve the health and well-being of Missourians. Governor Parson’s budget calls for numerous investments in safety and health – both issues that will build stronger communities and broaden the path to success that we can achieve.

Workforce & Education are some of the Governor's priorities

Workforce & Education

A workforce with the knowledge and skills to fill the jobs of tomorrow is critical to Missouri’s path forward. We have made major progress on this issue over the past year, and we must continue to take action, improve education, and provide more options for high-demand job training. From early childhood education to post-secondary opportunities, Governor Parson’s budget makes substantial investments aimed at giving more Missourians the education and training necessary to meet the demands of the future.

Infrastructure is one of the Governor's Priorities


Situated at the crossroads of America, Missouri’s infrastructure system is a lifeline for transportation across the nation. Maintaining our state’s roads, bridges, ports, and waterways is critical to ensuring we have the framework for success going forward, and while outstanding progress was made last year, there is still more to be done. Governor Parson’s budget reflects his continued commitment to revitalizing our infrastructure, calling for key investments in transportation as well as water resources, levee rehabilitation, and rural broadband.

Government Reform is one of the Governor's Priorities

Government Reform

As public servants, it is our responsibility in state government to provide reliable and responsive service to the people of Missouri. Building on last year’s historic progress, Governor Parson and his Cabinet team remain committed to making state government more efficient and accountable by investing in our workforce, incentivizing better performance, improving budget discipline, and changing how we work to better serve Missourians.