Governor Parson Signs HB 1511 & 1452 Into Law

APRIL 21, 2020

 — Today, Governor Mike Parson signed HB 1511 & 1452 into law, which allows license reciprocity for military spouses relocating to Missouri with their active duty partner. 

“We greatly appreciate the leadership of Representative Steve Lynch and Senator Justin Brown, as well as the support from Representative Nick Schroer and Senator Bob Onder, to address this important issue,” Governor Parson said. “Military spouses face considerable challenges when they relocate with their active duty partner, and finding a job in their licensed profession should not be one of them. This legislation will now ease that burden and improve the quality of life for military families living and working in Missouri.”

Currently, Missouri has significant barriers impeding military spouse licensure. HB 1511 &1452 will permit military spouses to receive an equivalent license in Missouri providing that the requirements from their home state are substantially similar to, or more stringent than, Missouri’s requirements. 

By allowing military spouses to work in their licensed occupation, HB 1511 & 1452 will alleviate stress for military families relocating to Missouri. This legislation also supports Governor Parson’s broader focus on workforce development. 

To view HB 1511 &1452, click here.