Governor Parson Signs Nine Bills into Law

JUNE 6, 2019

 — Today, Governor Mike Parson signed nine bills into law.

SB 179 – Financial Institutions:

Reduces duplicative reports and filings required of Missouri financial institutions and streamlines processes for state regulators.

HB 182 – Interest Rates Paid by Insurers:

Clarifies that insurance companies who voluntarily pay interest on any claim, refund, penalty, or payment for which the appropriate interest rate is not already provided for by law, shall also calculate the interest rate pursuant to Section 32.065, but not to exceed 9 percent.

SB 134 – Solid Waste Penalties / Scrap Tire Fee Extension:

Clarifies the application of penalties under the Solid Waste Management Law giving the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) clearer authority regarding maximum penalties allowed avoiding unnecessary disagreements with regulated entities. The bill also extends scrap tire fee associated with the sale of new tires. The fee go towards the recycling of scrap tires.

SB 84 – Geologic Resources Fee Extension:

This legislation extends the sunset date on the Geologic Resources Fee from December 31, 2020, to December 31, 2025.

SB 185 – MOSERS Eligibility Expansion:

Provides eligibility for all employees of the Missouri Housing Development Commission and of the Environmental Improvement Energy Resource Authority for membership in the Missouri State Employees' Retirement System.

HB 655 – Feral Hogs:  

Clarifies that any person who has permission from a landowner to be present on the landowner’s property may use an artificial light to take, attempt to take, or kill a feral hog on said property.

SB 197 – Modifies Provisions Relating to Intoxicating Liquor:

Extends sunset on provision that pertains to leases of portable refrigeration units between brewers and retailers.

HB 812 – Designates the following Memorial Highways:

  • Trooper John N. Greim Memorial Highway (Hwy 50 in Johnson County)
  • Trooper Fred L. Walker Memorial Highway (Hwy 33 in Clinton County)

HB 694 – Rap Back and DNA Fund Sunset Extension:

Brings the state into compliance with federal Rap Back Program ensuring government agencies have the authority to submit fingerprint based background checks and receive continuous monitoring and notification of criminal background changes. The bill also includes a DNA Fund sunset extension – assisting in the continued collection of surcharge for developing DNA profiles to CODIS from certain criminal cases.