Governor Parson Takes Action on FY19 Budget Bills

 — Today, Governor Parson signed the FY2019 budget bills passed by the General Assembly and highlighted priorities of improving infrastructure, increasing workforce development, curbing opioid abuse, fully funding K-12, and stabilizing higher education budgets.

“One of the biggest responsibilities the legislature holds every year is allocating our taxpayers’ hard-earned money responsibly and efficiently,” said Governor Parson. “We applaud the General Assembly for their efforts to fund critical functions of government including infrastructure, workforce development, and education funding.”

The Governor highlighted several areas of the budget, including fully funding the education foundation formula for the second time in history with a $99 million funding increase, prioritizing higher education, providing a needed step in lifting state employee pay, allocating $2.6 million to support faith-based initiatives to curb opioid abuse, and allotting $70 million for key infrastructure and workforce development projects.

The total state budget is $28.6 billion. In addition, the Governor issued 21 line-item vetoes, totaling more than $12 million. To view the complete list, see here.

“Government budgets are no different than our own at home,” said Governor Parson. “We must operate within our means, make fiscally responsible decisions, and invest wisely to ensure our next generation is given the same opportunities to succeed.”

The Governor completed the week signing the budget after traveling to parts of the state for key budget announcements:

  • $12 million in increased available school transportation funding, which is especially important for rural school districts

  • $250,000 to a new K-3 reading assessment program for dyslexia diagnosis

  • $8.4 million for Early Childhood Special Education

  • $8.2 million for capital improvements for river port expansion

  • $2 million investment to expand access at the Ft. Leonard Wood airport

  • $4.8 million restored funding for the Tourism CO-OP Program

  • $1 million for the Jobs for America’s Graduates program, assisting high school youth to be college and career ready

  • $2 million for community college workforce development, offering food stamp recipients the opportunity to gain skills, train, and promote employability and self- sufficiency.

Governor Parson said, “We’d like to extend our sincere appreciation to the dedicated men and women who help year-round craft a fiscally-responsible, balanced budget.”

All FY18 restrictions have been released. To view the complete list, see here.

The Governor also on Friday signed into law HB 1350, HB 1388, HB 1713, HB 1268, SB 652, SB 659, SB 687, SB 871, and SB 954.