Governor Parson's Statement Following Passage of Venue and Joinder Reform

 — Today the Missouri House of Representatives issued the final vote on Senate Bill 7, sending venue and joinder reform to the governor’s desk. The legislation, which passed 100-46, was sponsored by Sen. Ed Emery, R-Lamar. The Governor issued the following statement:

Passing venue and joinder reform is a huge win and will provide long overdue relief to Missouri businesses that have been taken advantage of by rampant abuse in our state’s legal system. Today’s passage of SB 7 will soon deliver a significant economic boost and create a better business environment all across Missouri. I appreciate Senator Emery and House and Senate leaders for sending SB 7 to my desk. I look forward to signing these positive reforms to improve our state’s competitiveness, strengthen our legal climate, and bring fairness to our courtrooms.