What They Are Saying | Key Investments Made in Missouri Workers and Rebuilding Infrastructure

Kit Bond, 49th Governor of Missouri:

“It is remarkable to see the progress Gov. Parson has been able to make for Missouri in just one year. The workforce development tools are exactly what Missouri needs to compete nationally and his innovative infrastructure proposals will create an impact for communities all across the state. He and the state legislature deserve a lot of credit for making the rest of the country take notice.”

Missouri Chamber:

“Economic development and workforce efforts have taken on an inspiring tone in recent years as Missourians have rallied around the leadership of Gov. Mike Parson and the mantras of becoming “Best in Midwest” and building our “Talent for Tomorrow.” In 2019, the Missouri General Assembly turned those ideas into action, passing transformative legislation that aligns with the Missouri 2030 strategic plan and sends a message that Missouri is taking bold action to overhaul our economy.”

Dan Mehan, President/CEO of Missouri Chamber:

“People are taking notice of the progress happening in Missouri. Under Gov. Mike Parson and with Missouri 2030, business and government are on the same page and working toward the same goals. We are trending in the right direction in the economic rankings and leading in small business wage growth. We have positive momentum on our side. This was exactly what we set out to do when we established our Missouri 2030 strategic initiative and it is promising to see the vision we created beginning to become reality. Governor Parson deserves a tremendous amount of credit for the leadership he demonstrated this session. He laid out an aggressive agenda early in session and took a hands-on approach in the legislature to help it clear serious obstacles. He never backed down, he never wavered and the Missouri business community applauds Gov. Parson for his leadership this session.”

Missouri Farm Bureau, President Blake Hurst:

“This year’s legislative session was historic for agriculture. Having a Governor who is a lifelong farmer clearly made a difference. Removing regulations that were not based in science will allow animal agriculture to grow responsibly. Expanding rural broadband access and keeping wind and solar farms’ tax dollars at home will help our rural communities grow in the modern economy. Repairing our run-down bridges will also pave the way for our agricultural future. Governor Parson and leaders in the Missouri General Assembly clearly have their priorities straight for Missouri. When rural Missouri thrives, our entire state thrives. We look forward to building on this year’s progress in the years to come.”

Bobby Simpson, President Missouri Cattlemen’s Association:

"This legislative session has been nothing short of historic for cattle farmers and ranchers. For too long, regulatory uncertainty has stymied expansion and growth in our industry. For too long, private property rights were restricted by emotionally driven, scientifically unfounded rules and ordinances inconsistent with regulations at the state level that are rooted in science. The House and Senate stood firm for Missouri farm and ranch families and chose facts over rhetoric.

“We are fortunate to have a governor who understands and values Missouri agriculture.”

Missouri Soybean Association:

As Missouri's legislative session approaches it's close this evening, we'd like to thank those who have contributed to the positive steps for agriculture and soybean farmers over the past five months. Thank you, Governor Mike Parson, for your leadership, and thank you to our leaders in the House and Senate, the farmers who have taken time to testify and visit their members of [the General Assembly], and the many, many others who have worked toward a productive session.”

C. Brooks Hurst, Farmer & President of the Missouri Soybean Association:

“Missourians invested in their rural communities and in a bright economic future for our state during the 2019 legislative session. Governor, thank you for your leadership in that process. We appreciate your efforts, as well as those of our legislators, leaders in the House and Senate in continuing to move us forward. Agriculture is our state’s top industry, and Missourians showed the impact we can have when we come together as partners and focus on the bigger picture, from opening the door to the next generation of business owners in agriculture, to setting a plan to address crumbling infrastructure and moving the needle on broadband connectivity, this session.”

Jeff Glenn, Mercury Alliance:  

“In a very short time, Gov. Parson has shown that he is willing to propose innovative solutions to tackle tough issues, like infrastructure funding, that others have lacked the will to pursue. Whether it is our urban centers or rural communities, infrastructure plays a critical role in connecting our families and supporting our economy. Gov. Parson and the legislature deserve credit for delivering a big win for Missouri.  We are proud of their work this legislative session and are excited about the road ahead for our state.”

Jerry M. Hunter, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Associated Industries:

“The business community and Missourians as a whole clearly are the beneficiaries of the leadership shown by Governor Parson in advocating for policies to advance workforce, educational, and infrastructure achievements and litigation reform during this legislative session. Governor Parson’s inclusive leadership style resulted in support for the Governor’s priorities during this Legislative Session from both sides of the aisle.”

Sherman Joyce, President, American Tort Reform Association:

“In his first State of the State, Governor Mike Parson prioritized important reforms to the venue rules of Missouri, where for nearly a decade this problem had placed Missouri on the map for the wrong reason. At the close  of his first legislative session, Governor Parson not only achieved major reforms to venue rules, but additional provisions related to product liability and discovery, both of which passed the General Assembly as well. These were important first steps and it is our hope Missouri will continue to address the many problems that plague their civil justice system. We applaud Governor Parson for his bold leadership to take on tough issues and deliver results for the people of Missouri.”

Missouri State University:

A big thanks to Governor Mike Parson for making workforce development a legislative priority this year. Our state is better equipped for the future with Fast Track, MoExcels, and increased core funding for Missouri State and other public universities.”

State Technical College of Missouri:

The commitment of the Parson administration to infrastructure & workforce development is a game changer for State Tech.  Our new Utility Technology Center will educate the technicians needed to implement broadband projects around the state.

Hal Higdon, Chancellor of Ozarks Technical Community College:

Congratulations to Governor Mike Parson, his administration, and [the General Assembly] for delivering on economic growth for all Missourians. Investments in infrastructure and workforce development projects like [Ozark Tech’s] Center for Advanced Manufacturing will pay dividends for years to come.”

St. Charles Community College:

“Thank you, Governor Mike Parson, for investing in higher education this legislative session! With the support of your workforce development initiatives, SCC stands ready to provide timely, flexible and cost-effective skills training and education to ensure our students remain competitive in today’s labor market.”

St. Louis Community College:

[St. Louise Community College] appreciates Governor Mike Parson for supporting investments in higher education this legislative session. His leadership will continue to help community colleges provide workforce development, education and training to the communities we serve.”

East Central College, President Jon Bauer:

“Thank you Governor Mike Parson and [the General Assembly]. East Central College has a long tradition of strengthening the local economy through education & training. The recent investment from the Governor & General Assembly strengthens our ability to continue this important work. Missourians win with this leadership & action! ECC will be even stronger in cultivating a strong workforce that is ready to compete and win in our global economy.”

Three Rivers College:

“Key workforce development initiatives passed in this year’s legislative session will help Three Rivers College and community colleges across the state in our efforts to provide timely, flexible, and cost-effective skills training and education. This training will help area residents be competitive in today’s labor market. Governor Mike Parson's commitment to training and educational opportunities is good for the future of our local community and our state.”

Missouri Community College Association:

“We're thankful for Governor Mike Parson making a significant investment in higher education through workforce development  initiatives this legislative session. We're ready to provide timely, flexible, and cost-effective skills training and education required to be competitive in today’s labor market.”

Jefferson College, President Dr. Raymond Cummiskey:

“With a firm commitment toward workforce development and training, focused on providing much-needed jobs and economic development in Jefferson County and across the state, Governor Mike Parson's legislative priorities will strengthen employment and improve the quality of life for all Missourians. In addition to several other important higher education needs that deserve support, the governor’s commitment to training and educational opportunities is good for the future of our local community and state.”